When you’re looking through games, consoles may come off as attractive choices because they offer many games, media capabilities and are readily available. Surprisingly, PC games are better in comparison to console games and for many good reasons.  Some are:

1. Backward compatibility

With PC gaming, it allows you to play older games with new systems; once you own a PC game, it is yours forever. PC gamers have access to all games released within the past decade. With minimal effort, you can play any game, even the very old ones that were exclusively for a console. It can be difficult to get your hands on an old console however, the games now have ports to allow you to play them on modern PC Windows.

2. Customizable

PC gaming allows you to make updates by adding cool components that make the setup incredible. Some of these include a graphics card, motherboard, case, storage, processor, and RAM for your PC. Also, you can make use of the cooling technology for your PC system that uses liquid. This way, you can personalize it with a competitive edge and keeps the system quiet and cool.

3. Ability to play for free online

Console gaming ends up being costly because of the many hidden costs you pay for an online subscription. Also, you require to pay $60 yearly for online functions on Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation. However, for PC games, there are no payment restrictions. 

You can enjoy free games on sites such as Cherry online casino, except for a few games like MMOs that require a subscription. With the money you save, you can invest in more games or essential gaming accessories.

4. Better graphics

PC gaming will give you access to several graphics that you won’t find when playing on a console. You will have more lighting, textures, comprehensive controls when shading, and other elements on graphics. 

Although Xbox and PlayStation are incorporating powerful components, they don’t surpass those of PC gaming. Their components only stretch to accommodate affordability and good performance.

While smooth gameplay on PC might be more expensive, you will enjoy playing with smoother frames and higher-level settings than with a console.

5. Superior upgrade path

Upfront, PCs are more expensive than consoles. However, their upgrade path is easy; you can run your processor for at least six years and use your graphics card for about four or five years. If you’re on a budget, you can stick to it and continue to build on upgrades that will serve you for a long period. When necessary, you can replace the power supply, case, RAM, and hard drives, all of which are very affordable. 

6. Less expensive

Console enthusiasts continue to spend a great deal of money purchasing upgrade consoles once they are released. However, they become obsolete as new games and consoles come into the market.  While buying a PC is more expensive than purchasing a console, you can update it any time to accommodate all video game advancements. 

Many PC gaming platforms will offer better sales and discounts than those of consoles. PC gaming has recently become more affordable than it was, and you can use these PCs for different tasks other than gaming. Also, some cross-platform games allow for console and PC gamers to game together.

7. Control flexibility

PC continues to surpass console because of its flexibility when it comes to hardware control. While PlayStation and Xbox might be getting a lot of attention, you cannot upgrade their components within. You can use keyboard controls on the PC or connect the controllers. There is a pool of accessories that are compatible with PCs, for example, USB controllers and joystick pads

8. Game exclusivity

PC games are released early compared to console games. For exclusive console gamers, this can be frustrating. Some games are only exclusive for console gaming and will never make it to PC gaming. Many console platforms are now switching to or rather embracing PC gaming where they have the Xbox or PlayStation and Windows 10. While console exclusive games continue to diminish, you will rarely miss out on any PC games.

Bottom line

PC gaming is better than console because it offers many advantages. There are many games to choose from it has backward compatibility that allows gamers to play older versions. There is also the possibility to build a gaming PC to enable you to play both console and PC exclusive games. 

You have more control flexibility with PC gaming as it is customizable and has a superior upgrade path that makes it affordable in the long term. Also, many platforms allow you to play PC games for free, while others offer discounts or sales for subscriptions.

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