Gaming Laptop Buying Guide



Gaming laptops are a different beast compared to your typical mainstream Lenovo Ideapad laptops. If you want to play demanding games and explore virtual worlds, you will need Lenovo gaming laptops for higher frame rates, design and better overall performance.

Here are some quick tips on buying a Lenovo gaming laptop

1. Don't buy gaming laptop for low-end games.
2. Don't buy touch screens because they are more expensive and they will drain your battery faster than necessary.
3. The larger 17 inch and 18 inch laptops are more powerful but are not as portable as the 13, 14 and 15 inchers.
4. Don't buy laptops with low-resolution displays.
5. Invest in SSD for faster game install and load times.
6. Invest in better processors so that you can play virtual reality games better.

How portable should your gaming laptop be?
Generally the larger the screen, the less portable it is due to its size and weight. If you plan to keep your laptop at home and leave it on your desk, having a large screen should not be a problem as you will not be carrying it around much. Smaller screens weight lesser and are usually much more lasting in their battery consumption.

What graphics card should you go for?
The graphic cards of GPU is the keystone to your gaming laptop. It delivers image by transmitting data to your monitor. Gaming require a very robust graphics cards and thus you should go for a discrete GPU with VRAM (video memory).

What type of display?
There is no point of having very good frame rates and beautiful graphics if your display is not excellent. Make sure your resolution is nothing less than 1920x1080 because anything less than this will result in muddy graphics.

So above are tips in purchasing your next Lenovo gaming laptop. In case you are not aware, the Lenovo Legion range is a very popular choice for serious gamers and you should take a look at the offers we have in our store.