3 Ways To Save Money When Buying A New Computer

If you are thinking of replacing the old computer with a new one and is overwhelmed by all the choices that are available to you, we've got 3 ways to save money when buying a new computer.

For many people, purchasing a new computer doesn't need to be as stressful as buying a new vehicle.  Nor does this need to be expensive.  If you are like most people, and you have a specific budget for your new purchase of computer, then it is a very normal process to try to get the best deal in town.

Here's 3 simple ways you can save money when buying a new computer

1. Shop for the best deal

Sounds clear but a lot of people don't realize that they do not need the fastest and highest specification (& most expensive) computer with extras that they do not need.  If you are a regular user, even a simple change to the latest computer with not the highest specification is already an upgrade from what you have. 

Always speak to experts who can give you advice on what computer is best for your requirements. If you are using is solely for basic word processing, typing letters, surfing the internet - you may not require a very high specification computer and that can save you a lot of money. Visit the Lenovo showroom at Mid Valley Megamall of Digital Mall in Petaling Jaya for a no-obligation consultation on what would be the best choice for you. 

2. Add in your own extras

Some shops will install the extras for you at a fee and it may increase the cost of your computer.  Just to be very sure that you need those extras (eg. softwares), ask the shop that you are purchasing from what is included in your computer package. If you don't require those software, then you can opt not to have those installed in your computer - not only does it save you money but if will also be easier on your computer.

A lot of times, you can also add those software on your own at a lower cost. Be sure to shop for genuine softwares and get the price from the supplier. Remember that original software comes with licenses - so make sure you are buying the real thing. Speak to our customer consultants for more details if you need original Microsoft Office licenses.

3. Evaluate if you really need extended warranty

Technology changes very fast so before you purchase the extended warranty of a couple of years - evaluate if you really need it in the first place. For more of us who are not computer techies, we may think that buying a warranty is alike insurance in case something goes wrong.  The fact is that computers these days are very robust and rarely have major issues and if they do, the shop that sells you the computer would have the basic warranty. 

Purchasing extended warranty can also inflate the cost of your computer so it may not be the best choice if you are on a budget.  Irrespective of whether you purchase the extended warranty or not, it is still worth to remember to backup your files occasionally and make sure you have antivirus software that will protect you from potential hackers / spam / spyware / adware.

 In a nutshell, if you have unlimited budget to purchase a new computer then consider yourself blessed. However if you are thinking of keeping to strict budget, then follow the above 3 simple steps or simply look through our Lenovo shop for purchasing inspirations.